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1. A wasted place. We didn't want to go there.
2. A college whose buildings and layout were not designed by human minds (thought to have been designed by Yggdrasil Proteus or possibly the Necrontyr), and are thus impossible for a sane person to navigate, as well as boasting a fucked-up bus schedule, lazy-ass Rowsdower-clone Rent-a-Cops and close proximity to the Hell-Hess, the porn shop, and a large parkinglot of Cheesebusses right next to the porn shop, it also bears the distinction of having nobody there after 5 PM who either:
A) Speaks English (not that I have anything against non-English speakers except that they usually fall under Category B as well)
B) Can give any useful information about how you're supposed to get to whatever room you're looking for
C) Isn't a dirty old man who wandered in from the porn shop down the street for his fix
D) Isn't a Daemonette or Twodephiliac
Surprisingly, Furrys have yet to be encountered there, but would seem to be only a matter of time.

Was (nick)named after a planet in a short story set in the Warhammer 40k universe that was invaded by the forces of Chaos. The new pronunciation, however (the planet's name was pronounced Peer-OH-dee, I think), comes from the name of a character from the famous (or infamous) webcomic MegaTokyo who was obsessed with hentai and one-hander console games, and was himself named after a character in a one-hander console game.
Don't ever fucking go to RIT.
by Jack D. Ripper June 21, 2004
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