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The act of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with one or more partners. Discovered by two young scholars once coming across a Dunkin Donuts advertisement for ice cold beverages.
1. Malcolm: Hey bruh, you might wanna take this Magnum, who knows, you might get lucky tonight.

Martin: 1. I get lucky EVERY night. and 2. *slaps condom to the ground* I dont need those. I Pipe Cold.

2. Amber: OMG those Phi Psi guys are so attractive, cultured, and in shape. I'd let any and every one of them pipe cold.

Katt: You're disgusting.

3. Thank the BasedGod for the day after pill. I'd be a not so proud father of 7 if it weren't for these things because i stay Piping Cold.
by The Hood Sage June 16, 2011
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