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To insert an erect penis into the vaginal canal of a trans-woman.

Derived from euphemism for sexual intercourse: "lay pipe". As the trans-woman's vagina is surgically formed from her former penis, intercourse is, effectively, the insertion of one penis into another. Hence, "pipe-fitting".
"That girl Jamie? Turns out she used to be a James. We did a bit of pipe-fitting."
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by Burphisth October 25, 2017
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when two males place their erect penis's head to head, and pull the others foreskin over the tip of their own dick.
craig: im tired of givving and taking it to the ass
alex: excatly lets pipe fit tonight
by kirkels May 30, 2005
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The act of stretching one's penis opening wide enough to allow entry to another penis.
He and his gay lover practiced pipefitting.
by titus hohl January 16, 2003
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