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Pronounced (PIN-oos) It is very hard to describe the meaning of this phenomonon within a few simple sentences. The better question would probably be what isn't a pinuse. Pinuse is everything, and yet, nothing all at the same time. It is the most far right conservitive yet the most left wing liberal. Pinuse covers the whole color spectrum within a single nanometer. It is burning hot with a temperature of 0 degrees Kalvin. It is the smallest measurement known to man yet it reigns over every planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, dimension. A pinuse is a verb, noun, adjective, and conjunction. Its not just a word, its a state of mind and a life style. The only thing a pinuse isn't is what you would expect to be the only thing a pinuse is...

Mel Gibson
Nice Pinuse

I like that pinuse you're carrying

Holy Pinuse!!

This Pinuse is out of control!

This Pinuse makes me smile.
by Pinuse September 05, 2008
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