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A way guys compare with each other how attractive they think a woman is. By judging the number of pints it would take before you slept with each woman. The more pints the less attractive the woman.

For accuracy where pints would not be enough a guy can refer to other measures e.g. shots

For extreme circumstances (a minger) a guy could use something stronger such as LSD.
Guy 1: "Oooh she's fit, Pint rating?"

Guy 2: "I'd say 3-4 pints"

Guy 3: "2 pints and a shot"

Guy 1: "What about her mate, 12 pints?"

Guy 2: "More like 15!"

Guy 3: "No way I'd say say 20 pints and LSD's before i'd shag her!"
by El-magico April 06, 2010
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