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One Pinkbike foot is equal to any length less than 12 inches.

The expression "Pinkbike Feet" often refers to the frequent overestimation of height and length of mountain bike jumps and stunts on the website

A "Pinkbike ruler" is a ruler that would be used to measure pinkbike feet.

A DIY pinkbike ruler is quite easy to make, as the only requrement is that it be less than 12" long. Remember, the shorter you make your pinkbike ruler, the longer and higher your jump will be in pinkbike feet.
Konabender666- check out these pics o me hittin my new 15 foot drop I bilt in my parents back yard. (Ins. pic of 6' drop)

Response1 - Dats like 6 feet maybe 8 max.
Response2 - No its def like 20 pinkbike feet.
Response3 - He must have used a pinkbike ruler thats only like 7 feet.
Response4 - What frame ru riding? it looks flexy.
by Pinkbikefeet January 14, 2009
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