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When you absolutely own someone and even though you win the argument you still don't get to do what you wanted to do for a completely different reason, but you can still go away with a smug feeling. Just to rub it in their faces you could shout Shame at them and rub your two pointing fingers together at them.
There is a normal queue and a fast track queue for zorbing.
Zorb Operator: All people in pink shirts please go to the back of the normal queue because your fast-track time has expired.
Peeps in Pink Shirts: No, I'll get my Mum on you!
Mum: Let them have a go now!!
Zorb Operator: No...
You: Shame (do the shame gesture)
Zorb Operator: Actually it's too windy now so you'll all have to go home...

You leave annoyed that you didn't get a go but very smug that you completely owned those pink people...
Pink Victory!
by Jackalope97 June 04, 2011
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