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The vital element of a mans sexual arousement. A nauturally produced pulp created to transport its commuters from Piney to Jiney ultimately used for procreation and to provide a natural release for the possesor of the organ, or in some cases, when a Jiney is not available, a sock/apple pie/anus can replace. Needless to say this particular porridge can be found around the general vicinity of the Piney, aka A Mans Reproductive Organ, aka Penis, aka pork sword, aka johnson, aka dinkle.
Warning: The combination of Jiney Juice and Piney Porridge can often lead to screaming whinging brats.
FOOTNOTE: 14 year old chav girls are often more susceptible to the receiving of Piney Porridge, however caution should be taken if you do not want to pay maintenance for the brat/child/thing for 18 years.

I shot my Piney Porridge all over her tits.

Goldilocks: This Piney Porridge is too salty!

The strange substance on Ben Stillers ear in There's Something About Mary.

Woman: I'm not swallowing that!
Man: But Piney Porridge is good for you, it keeps you warm and full right through till lunch!
by PennyPicker April 21, 2008
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