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Noun. An act usualy performed between a married couple, not high school fags like all of you. See as follows:

When I laid the ol' pipe-work the other night, and stirred it around deep like a roto tool. She made that cute noise, and then high-fived me for my trouble. She didn't try to make me cuddle because she knows I fucking won't. I slapped her on the ass, cause she's an alright broad, and that's how I let her know that she's tits in my book. You know, and then maybe she makes me a sandwich or something to say thanks for that deep dickin. That was a motherfucking pimpy longcocking, and she knows it.

I'm dead serious.
She's a good girl, and not a feminazi hosebag donkey raping fatty. I'm gonna give her a good ol' PIMPY LONGCOCKING. I'm gonna own that shit.
by kel the dog August 06, 2010
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