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Y'all! Pimp Rabbit's in da haaaaouuuuuse! And i'm tearin' it down, I just gotta walk into da room & da hoez gather round, (yea!) don't need to utter a word, da ladeez holla "PR!" coz I'm Pimp Rabbit, gotta dirty lil' habit, ladeez gotta have it ("oohh!") & i'll fuck you like a cabbage!
Won't have no breakfast if the bitch is on top, i'll lay you down and use your pussy for a pot. But what about the platter? That'll never matter, gotta eat it while i'm cookin' DAAAAAMN you good lookin'!
Pimp Rabbit touches you, damn you're wet, looks like you've been hit by a TSUNAMI! Can't have that be, i'll dry you with my fur, you'll come until you ("puurrrr").
Drop all your guns, you won't need none, my shot so good I could fuck a nun. Temptation not waitin', guys vacatin', they find me intimidatin', ("can we get back to the mating?") Primitive shit, if you haven't got a bitch "you can borrow mine!" & it won't cost you a dime.
My homies think I'm hard but actually I'm WELSH! As you can tell from my accent *yodels*
P.I.M.P, i'm no Ice T, but my favourite BITCH is enough for me,
I'll mesmerize you with my flow, baby, you're not a ho? Then your a no-go. I like to stick to my own species but I get freebies (from banks, saying thanks, yo "BIG UP 2 NATWEST!") I wanna get it off my chest, my Sbleg's the best, & once in NATWEST, I was standin' in da line, wid all dese crazy hoez runnin' through my mind, when I saw across the way, something that made my day...
An Angoran Rabbit, I had to grab it!
by Sbleg & Sbleg & Son. April 28, 2004
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