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The most amazing neighborhood in southwest Rochester, Minnesota. Has a ton of huge, charming old houses, some nice parks, and easy access to the downtown area. Pill Hill obtained its nickname because in the early 1930s when the Mayo Clinic was just getting started, doctors inhabbited it (and still do). It is sometimes referred to simply as "the Hill" by its natives.

Pill Hill is the best place to be. It never gets flooded, unlike all the other neighborhoods down in the "bowl" (downtown). It's less than a mile away from the Clinic (so if you break your nose or whatever then you're covered). Most importantly, it is home to the chillest people you will ever meet.

Pill Hill kids are some of the coolest and smartest out there. Their parents are probably physicians if not surgeons, so they're pretty damn spoiled but not jerks about it. They throw the greatest parties and are the best company in the summer months.
Person 1: Man, my parents are making me move to Rochester because the Mayo Clinic has recruited my dad.

Person 2: Well, at least you'll probably get to live on Pill Hill.
by rochie303 April 20, 2011
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