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You may think your history teacher is just your average Joe... but deep down he is a fan ad supplier of CHILD PORN!... he may claim his barn is filled with piles of corn... or "piled corn"... but don't be decieved... he has billions of child porn in there. he is the world's number 1 traficker of child porn. he masturbates at the mere sight of a 4 year old. GAY!!
I downloaded alot of piled corn last night.

Q: My friend likes piled corn... what should I do?
A: Lure him into the bathroom by giving a 4 year old girl some candy to run past him and then into the bathroom. Then when he runs in there you chase after him and force him to give oral pleasure to an elephant.

I used piled corn as a show and tell item at school.
by Tom September 15, 2003
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