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Down in the south area of a human female's body, the magical Pika Beaver Forest is something only certain eyes can behold. The amazing grass and tree structure, and the amazing pink-colored water which some say tastes amazing. It leaks when a person steps in the hole where the pond lays. The grass can be straggly or straight, depending on the female. Basically, this forest is screaming "Welcome to vaginal hair forest!" at you. Bring a razor to but through the bushes and jungle.

Pika Beavers:
Fells: wanna know whats sad? ._. Pika means vagina in icelandic, and in some sorta medical term, beaver means the hairs around the pika ,),

"Come with me to Pika Beaver Forest"
Pikachew: come with me to pika beaver forest
by Pikachew April 14, 2010
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