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A neighborhood in Baltimore that has not yet been fully invaded by gentrification. It is, in fact, the only neighborhood immediately adjacent to downtown that has yet to be colonized, for the current social dynamics gaurantee that this neighborhood shall remain real.

The Pigtown that is the "Washington Village" marketed by the city and it's redevelopment contractors has grabbed a foothold in the "Barre Circle" and "Camden Crossing" blocks that are upscale, occupied by grad students and working professionals, and convenient to Washington via I-95 and the MARC Train.

The rest of Pigtown consists of mixed races and mixed fortunes, with no hate between these social layers, as they all simply strive to go to work as best as the #36 bus and the old factory and scrap yard networks make it possible in the Neitherworld of Southwest Baltimore, one of the last strongholds of the American Blue Collar culture!
I live in Pigtown because I can easily hop onto 95, and easily hop onto the MARC Train when my car is in the shop. These small time DC contracts are great, and I pay discounted rent like you wouldn't believe, but that low rent shows it reason when I walk southwest down Washington Boulevard to get a beer and get hassled by that guy who needs only fify more cents to catch the #36 or Light Rail, or only twenty-five more cents to grab their own beer!
by TripleCatzWar November 14, 2011
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