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Pigliff: A noun used to describe a person of typically Geordie decent, who frequently drinks to excess then proceeds to become violent. The only way that they can be calmed down is by the following:

1. The promise of receiving oral sex from either gender.
2. Being bought a large quantity of Newcastle Brown Ale.
3. Listening to Nu-Rave music and being provided with luminous face-paints to decorate themselves and others within a reasonable distance.

Observer 1: "Look at that guy he is properly kicking off with everyone near him, and what is that strange language he is using? Also what is he whispering to all those girls?"

Observer 2: "I think its Geordie, or possibly Urdu. Looks like he is trying to persuade those girls for oral sex..he is a right Pigliff".

Observer 1:" Shit, he's spotted us looking at him and he looks pissed off, lets make a run for it!"

by The Abo July 10, 2008
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