1. To piggy upon a back in riding fashion.

2. To allow another person to lay on your back while you hold their legs so they may forgo walking.

girl: memememememememe!

guy: OKAY HOP ON!!!
by BTabe February 18, 2012
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A old school yard slang used on the play ground for the proposition for a blow job.
Boston: I haven't given a guy a piggy back riding in awhile.
by BJ, Slob knob, mouth fucking January 13, 2010
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Russian Piggy Back Ride: The Act of you asking someone to put their dick in your ass and jump on your back
Russian Piggy Back Ride
by CloudRiderHD September 22, 2015
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The act of giving a piggy back ride while kissing and throwing up in your partners mouth!!!
Dan loves to to take of work to give sweet German piggy back rides.
by King ocean August 24, 2018
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