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(n) A sandwich constructed of two or more slices of bread with part of or all of a pie between them. The most common pie selection is steak and cheese or mince and cheese.

Other condiments may include butter, tomato sauce and peanut butter.

Originally developed to get more filling/bang from a pie.

If using a single serve pie then you can get two piewiches, or if a family sized pie has been chosen, you can feed up to four people using eight or more pieces of bread.

Healthier variants include margarine instead of butter and brown/multigrain bread.
Hey Falvey, I'm starving and all I have is one pie and some bread.

Well then Lachlan, get yourself a piewich and you'll be full in no time. Try emptying one of those Burger King sauce sachets into it as well!

Sweetbix Falvey, my hunger will be satisfied. MMMmmm...
by NZAP 9041 January 21, 2011
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