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A little village at the foot of the mountains and on the banks of the Hudson River. Residents that lived there before the paper mill was levelled are called River Rats or Piermonsters. Residents that bought the condos where the paper mill once stood are called Yuppies or Piermonters. Residents that live in Lawrence Park don't count as real residents unless there is a fire call to repond to. True River Rats are all related somewhere in their DNA but usually a flow chart is needed. Most River Rats are known by a nickname which is ever-evolving and changing. True River Rats know what the following are: the pier, ClevePak, donkey baseball, high tracks, parking lot (upper & lower), cowboy fields, platforms, ice hopping, crabbing/fishing (catfish, perch & eels especially), teen center, mine hole, sand pile, silk mill, Empire Hose, Mom's, Renee's, Davie's and the Kracker Box.
"I'm from Piermont.
So is my family.
Oh yeah, who's your dad?
One Eyed Willy.
No shit! He's my dad too!"
by Piermont River Rat September 03, 2008
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