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A person who stalks someone's profile and personal pictures, and then steals them, adding it to their own profile. (usually facebook)

-irritating when the person doing it also claiming that the person in the picture is "theirs" when in fact the picture thief is too unattractive to have anyone of thier own.

-Picture Thieves usually have a whole photo album dedicated to these kind of picutres.

-Offensive when you find the pictures you have taken in someone else's photos and seemingly claimed to be theirs.

-picture thieves have nothing better to do than to stalk others profiles.
Fat Ugly cows can only have pictures of good looking men on thier profile if they become picture thieves.

That picture thief has the pictures that I have taken of my man and posted them on her facebook page.

That picture thief just stole pictures from my man's facebook page, put them on hers and claims he is hers.
by scrwubtch February 16, 2010
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