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Legend has it that Pablo Picasso produced a sketch on a napkin in thirty-seconds and then demanded one-million dollars for it. Ludicrously high prices have been paid for real-world napkin doodles simply because a celebrity produced it.

So, a Picasso's Napkin is when something of little inherent worth or value, that took little time, effort, or talent to make, and that most likely could be made by just about anyone, is produced, and yet is over-esteemed as a great work of art or over-valued at a high price simply because of a name attached to the work or the name of a person who produced it.
That Red Solo Cup song by Toby Keith is such a Picasso's Napkin, any drunken frat guy could have made it and posted it to You Tube and no one would have noticed, but TOBY KEITH acting like a drunken frat guy, ahhhh, now that's brilliant!
by Gill Malankhoney (7) February 28, 2012
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