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Investment grade metal, mostly gold and silver, that can be physically possessed, for use as an investment or currency that reduces counter-party risk and maintains value in inflationary, unstable economies. It is commonly held in coin and bar form in various weights at greater than 99% purity, although many forms of metal including older currency with varying percentages of silver content and even base metals in large quantity are considered phyzz. Phyzz specifically implies a differentiation from other precious metals investments or ownership arrangements in that it is physically delivered and possessed by the owner, as opposed to precious metals derived but nakedly-shorted, over-leveraged, and manipulated paper investments. The word "phyzz" was created by SGS at
"Sorry Mr. IRS Special Agent, all my phyzz was lost in that tragic canoe accident."

"Stack the phyzz to kill the giant evil vampire squid-like ponzi run by The Ben Bernanke, The Morgue and the CRIMEX among others."

"I asked my coworker what he was doing for the superbowl and he said, 'buying phyzz'. I have no idea what that means."

"All your phyzz are belong to us, bitchez"
by piratelife February 18, 2012
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