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a shy person at first but once you know them you realize that she is smart, funny, and a happy person who anyone would enjoy to hangout with
Bob: Hey! Have you met the new girl Phylicia?
Ted: Yeah, she was shy at first but she's legit! You should meet her!
by totesanasian91 September 22, 2011
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also can be referred to as a similar saying as the classic "FALCON PUNCH" yet not anyhting like it in meaning, just in the same Sound Effect is given.

You say Phlicia when you wish to say LIKE A VAGINA... which in certain circumstances would bring normal people to tears, again similar, to but not really, like a Falcon Punch.

also know as the inproper way to spell the name Felicia, but her mother was just too fucked up on morphine and 28 hours of labor to correctly write the name, or she had no clue and threw letters together that would sound like the same name.

This can be used several different ways:

PHYLICIA then hence forth with "Knuckles"

"Something smells PHYLICIA!"

or in the act of a cunt punch begin with a PPPP just to let them know it's coming...(but only you will know this) and end with a direct blow to the female genitalia with the full expression of PPPPHHHHLLLIIICCCA!

by Defonication December 13, 2008
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