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A person who edits or manipulates photos too accentuate or create physical feature before posting it on social media.

The word was popularized by Kanye West's feature on Vic Mensa's "U Mad"
by imscared6 April 11, 2015
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A woman who takes promiscuous pictures and pretends to be a "bad bitch" on social media (especially Instagram), for the sake of likes and attention. In reality, she is most probably not about that life
"She ain't really bad, she a photothot"

- Kanye West.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are just photothots
by Chukssss July 10, 2015
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A stank ass hoe who edits her photos to look fine, but in person she looks like the shit under my shoe.
*Two dude on Instagram*
Dude 1 - "Damn she's fine as fuck"
Dude 2 - "Nah she's a Photo Thot. She looks like booty cakes in person."
Dude 1 - "Shame."
by TheOneWhoSquawks October 06, 2015
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