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A "Photo Portrait" store located in Garden, Grove California. That place is infested with super cool female (mainly viet) asians of the age, 9-20. Usually Pre-Teens. A rarity, caucasions or hispanics. Full of korean music, and japanese SO KAWAII things. Hello Kitty, Mashimoro, Kuromi, etcetc. It's so bright, you could see it from a mile away. I pity the (asian noodle) Pho store next to it. IT's ignored. It costs 9$ and you get to choose from 8 booths to take pictures in! And in the end, you get tiny strips of photos, about the size of your thumb. There's a decoration center so you could decorate your picture too :D. You could add sparkles and flowers!! How KAWAII >w< . In the end, a big money waster but at least you'll get to cherish the memories! (oh yeah, and no airconditioning, while you're stuck with a group of 5 in a cramp booth) >:D Oh, and there's little wig props too, which reek of lice. AND THERE'S ONLY 1 EMPLOYEE, THAT ONE GUY WITH GLASSES, probably chinese that laminates your photostickers! Just 1 dollar more! WOOOT!
Photostickerer: Let's go to photostickers!
Me: That's a waste of 9 bucks and time.

Photostickerer: At least they have kawaii~ things :) like Boys over Flowers!! Let's do AZN POSES. -pout-
Me: -groan-
by yeahhimfuhrealz July 12, 2009
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