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The Art of "Looking" like an Olympic Gymnast:

Stretching arms and legs outward in a most painful to maintain position
giving your 127% effort to squeeze every last bit of speed out of the boat to excel past the competition
as the Photographer gets the "Money Shot"
Holly - here comes Woody hand me my brush

Dave - set the beers out of view, skip thinks it's a dry boat

Bob - Holly get that shirt off, the race is 1 hr but the photos are forever!

Holly - Ok let's Hike like we're gettin blown off the side

Hiking - Hiking - Hiking - Hiking - Hiking - Hiking - Hiking

Bob - Holy Shit I thought he'd never leave !

Dave - Ya my fuckin back is killing me !

Holly - Hay who's got my top ?

Bob - 10 seconds of "Photo-Hiking" feels like all fuckin day !

Holly - Com-On WTF did you guys do with my top ?

Dave - Shit our Beers are gone over the side !

Holly - well at least we should get som Great pix on the rail

Dave - Holly your top is right behind you

Holly - Dudes look he's commin back where's my brush?

Bob - Hike Bitches ........... Hike

Skipper - when you guys get a chance it'd look nice to hook the kite in the other 2 corners

Bob - Oh Shit Never fails

Dave - why is he always around when these things happen :-O
by DA-WOODY November 08, 2010
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