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n. A large, unshaved bush (pubic hair).
Comes from the sound the phoomp makes as it's released from under tight underwear - Phoomp!
"I was preparing to go down on this sweet honey, when all of a sudden her phoomp exploded in my face!"

"I bet that hippie chick has a giant phoomp!"

by anemul February 06, 2007
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The sound made when a large flat object resting on one straight edge ( eg; a replacement glass windowpane ) falls onto a very flat surface ( such as a table ) and is cushioned by the air caught underneath it. Also the sound of air puffing out of the mouth of the person who let the glass fall, when they realise it has not broken.
Glass ------> /
Air cushion ---> @ --> "phoomp" O-; <-- person
Table ----> _____
by Dictionella Theasauric January 08, 2012
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