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The game of ping pong (table tennis), played on any flat, level surface, with cell phones as paddles. Standard ping pong balls are used. Because of the smaller paddle size, the rules vary as follows:

1. The ball may bounce as many times as wanted, as long as it is still bouncing and not rolling.

2. Each player gets two hits, but the ball must hit the table at least once between the two hits.

3. "Reactionary" blocks are allowed, ex. the ball is hit forcefully and the opposing player blocks it with his hand, then hits it back with his phone.

Other than that, all rules are the same as ordinary ping pong.
"Dude, i have a ping pong ball. If only we had some paddles..." "Not necessary, we can just play phone pong!" "DUDE THATS AN AWESOME IDEA."
by sluhser October 31, 2009
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