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An individual who knows too much about the band Phish. They will sell their first born child for a ticket to the 2009 Hampton run and then bet on what color shirt Trey will wear on stage each night. Additionally, they know every personal detail about each band member, their instruments, how many watts their lighting system emits, among other insignificant facts. This person also can tell you the dates of every performance of every song that the band plays. They have also developed their own shorthand language to describe anything about Phish.
Jaime: OMG, Phish is back from hiatus. I'm going to Hampton if I have to sell my left arm.

Jonathan: Hell yeah, man. CK5 is going to rock the 678,534W lighting rig, man. (note, I do not actually know the wattage of the rig).

Jaime: I bet they'll open Friday with a sick-ass PYOITE and trey will orgasm is my ears.

Jonathan: I'll bet you $20 that Page wears a purple t-shirt on Saturday.

Jaime: I'll raise you and bet you $20 that Trey is in a white shirt.

Natalie: Holy shit, would you guys stop being a couple of PHISHTARDS?!
by Pattyrea March 17, 2009
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