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1. The Gentlemen of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc. at Phi Chapter (University of Florida).

2. Men who have a tradition of running the city of Gainesville.

3. Distinguished men who have been reborn thru Phire and as a result have balls of steel, granite hearts, and can breathe Phire into people's lives at will.

4. Originators, Innovators, and Not only the First, Not only the Best, but simply the ONLY option.

5. 411
Gainesville was never the same after the Phiremen set the city ablaze.
by Da3ThreatLambda March 22, 2010
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Total fucking retards who think they're the shit. Also, they enjoy copious amounts of anal sex with other dudes.
-Dude, did you see those Phiremen getting railed by that huge black dude?

-Yeah man, those guys are into some freaky shit
by Phiremenlovedick April 16, 2011
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