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A millennial who has studied Philosophy or related at college. That's because it's cool, it's the new hip...wavy stuff. This gives them the right to claim they know all about some ancient philosopher's take on such matters.

When a typical situation arises, nothing stops the philosofleek from culturally identifying it with an application of their many learned concepts (mostly Western). Thus, they set themselves radically apart from those non 'philosophes' (to use the French definition of course) around them.

From the perspective of some, they effectually secure a pretentious pedestal in the social ladder, typical of those deriving from the once intuitive, and now culturally reflective world of academia. To others, these people know something. Their knowledge of philosophy is a fleek to be reckoned with, while subconsciously belittling others.
Some Student: Oiii mate, I tasted the most banging pasta, in Rome as well! Think I had a religious experience...

Another Student: Damn, 'religious experience' ay? That's soooo cool. What does that make you now, a 'philosofleek'?
by CoolWhiteWine January 18, 2018
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