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Phi-lo-mi-sog-y-nist >From the Greek; philos, to hate + miso, to love + gune, woman.

1. n. One who loves to hate women, Usually expressed through comedy, i.e. jokesor parodies. Men who love to hate and hate to love women.

2. n. A member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

3. n. A member of Al Bundy's No Ma'am club.

4. n. A hobby.

5. adj. Of or characterized by loving to hate women.
"He must be one of those philomisogynists because he is constantly making jokes about women."

"Why do women wear makeup and perfume? "I don't know." "Because they're ugly and they stink." "Are you one of those philomisogynists?"
by MrWmnHtr September 11, 2009
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