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Named after the world class city of Philadelphia and George Ferris, the Pennsylvania born inventor of the Ferris Wheel, the Philly Ferris Wheel aptly describes an athletic sexual maneuver that takes place when a male lifts a female up during vaginal or anal penetration and proceeds to spin her around, not unlike the motion of a Ferris Wheel.

Please take note that the execution of the Philly Ferris Wheel may require an abundance of strength and, for those who like heftier female companions, a belt bolted or harnessed into a wall to keep balance.
I was fucking a whore Hoboken when I decided to take things a little further. I took her for a ride on the Philly Ferris Wheel at night, and then I woke her up in the morning with a Cincinnati Bowtie.
by Nick aka Hot Karl March 02, 2008
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