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1.Used to describe all kinds of losers.
eg: hobos, homos, dorks..
She is such a 'Philiana'.

2.She is simply funny and fun to be with.
you will never be bored whenever you are with a 'Philiana'.
Just beware because at times,she can be a very very weird.

3.A Filipino,someone from The Philippines
Englishman1- What About Her?
Englishman2- Ewwwww No She Is A Philly/Philiana

4.A real short fade haircut,otherwise known as a taper-fade.Can be described as a real short blow-out cut.
"Give me a Philly/Philiana"

5.A term used for someone who is Phillipino.
There are so many Philiana's at the mall.

6.Female version of phillip.Insult.
Heidi, your such a Philiana/Philly.
Boy1: hey, do you know Philiana?
Boy2: yeah! who on earth doesn't know her?
by the_schizophrenic April 28, 2009
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