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Contrary to popular belief, 'Phil Time' is actually nothing more then some time to relax in bed and listen to music. Usually after a long night or day.

This term has been blown out of proportion by people who have dirty minds, who believe it to mean a time for masturbation.
G: Where's Phil?
Adam: In bed, having Phil Time.
G: He's having a bat? Hahaha
Phil: No, I was just sleeping after that long flight. MORON.
G: Quit Tripping, Fool.
by Bauble Head January 13, 2010
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Phil Time is when you need some time to yourself to just stay in bed and jack off for a week or so, constantly. When you're feeling really down.
My girl friend broke up with me man, I sure need me some Phil Time, see you in a week or so.
by Chaz Edury December 22, 2008
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