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A very gay person who is very stupid and gay. He has a group of horny edating online friends who all want to edate eachother. The cycle goes like this:

A girl named Eth really really really really wants to edate some anime weeb Elu, but Elu actually wants to fuck some Unicorn called Uni and Uni is already edating Phesmic, but Phesmic is cheating on her with his sidebitch Cesmic AND CESMIC IS DATING a roblox player named KYZEN WHO IS CHEATING ON HER WITH ETH. BUT ETH IS JUST USING HIM TO GET TO ELU.
Wow, you're such a Phesmic.
by RatFood June 17, 2018
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A guy who wanted to be a cesmic but wanted to be even cooler so they added a Ph to get that edgy sound. They are pretty good at games and have a decent number of friends. They get few girls but they are good girls. Phesmic knows alot about the universe, and math. A pretty cool guy.
Phesmics are so much better than cesmics, its just a fact.
by megalodonShark June 17, 2018
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