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The prefix, phe-, is the result of the Australian word, "killer"; while the suffx -meenz originates from the Indian word for "bug."

A large, killer bug native to the Australian outback. Recent migrations have led the bug to the United States. This hungry predator's main weapon of choice is it's razor sharp pinchers, which suck the life out of prey. The Phemeenz' young,known as Jolexes, are born in exponential amounts each year. Phemeenz' camoflauge to the color of one's skin, appearing as a small pimple or bump. Please notify your animal/poison control immediately should you encounter a Phemeenz. Bites are deadly. And hurt. A lot.

Mating Sound: "RAWRR!!!!"
"crickey! it's a phemeenz!!"
by Shanon E. Gan November 16, 2007
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