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A magical bird that lives in the bellybuttons of large snakes.

Very rare!
Dude: Holey crap!
Guy: What?
Dude: Theres a Pharpus in your anaconda!
Guy: Wow! I'll name it Fred!
by Lucky Star* August 19, 2010
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another word for the poo inbetween your toes that smells alot like ageing goat hooves. a word commonly used between hunters of the northern-south eastern westies, they like to collect pharpus to make a decicasy made with rotting jubilee and runny nose liqiud.
hunter 1: ooh! hunter 2! come over here! I FOUND SOME PHARPUS! GET THE JAR!
hunter 2: wicked, now our delicacy is complete!
hunter 1: yaggah!
by haylie&lorah August 19, 2010
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