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An Aesthetically Pleasing,

Physically Orgasmic,
Soul Igniting,
Spiritual Paroxysm!
Describes a Feeling, an Experience, a Rapturous Vision, a Euphoric Sensation effecting any of the Five Sences.
One's Perspicacity Per Chance Heightened by Increased Seratonin, or While 'Under The Influence'
The concert was absolutely phantasmigoricle, music that pulsated through your body, echoed off your heartbeat, fireworks burst and unfurl with a magestic display that shamed the moon and glistened like falling stars their vivid colors reflected turning the lake into a mirror of Heavens aura, and seemed to Set the waterfall ablaze; melodically and methodically mezmorized, the audience, our bodies entranced by the enchanting rhapsody, moving in unison as our eyes ears minds are willingly and joyfully captivated; the whole evening, metaphysical.
by Cupcake Of Discord August 02, 2019
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