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A person who in real life lacks actual intelligence but on social media regularly post "deep" statuses or tweets that show their "emotional" sides. Phacebook Philosophers rarely ever live by these teachings and these post are done almost purely to give the allusion of sophistication. They often tell of success and the future and sound good on paper. Occasionally they will sprinkle God's name in the post to add a religious aspect to the mix. The most common Phacebook Philosophers are hoes.
Hoe's Post on Facebook - "Everyone is gonna hurt you but you have to find the ones worth suffering for."

This hoe allows herself to be used continuously and is apparently oblivious to it. She is a Phacebook Philosopher.

Hoe's Post on Facebook - "Going to Bible Study tonight!!"

Little do you know that she is merely going for social purposes if at all. And the amount of dick she will suck afterwards will counteract any good she's done previously that day. She is a Phacebook Philosopher.
by In.The.AM October 06, 2013
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