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Pronounced: ( FLARK )

1. The act of being caught by your parents while trying to shove a large object in the ass, vaginal canal, or yes even the penis hole.

2. The act of fake air guitaring to cover up from being caught while scrathing ballsack or vaginal region.

3. Used to replace a noun, verb, adverb, pronoun, adjective, or any other word that means anything.

4. To mix the colors: red, blue, green, gold, brown, black, orange, white, and pretty much any color you can think of.
1. Ex: I was totally fucked when my mom came in the bathroom and caught me pflarqkking with a rolling pin.

2. Ex: My mom walked in the room yesterday while I was scratching my ballsack and I covered up by pflarqkking to stairway to heaven.

3. Ex: I totally pflarqkked all over this chicks pflarqkking pflarqkk while her friend pflarqkked her self with a baseball bat.

4. Ex: Oh my god I made PFLARQKK!
by Burino May 15, 2010
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