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PfC/PohC-Person from Color/ Person of hidden Color


1. A person who passes as european white.
2. A person who has one or more parent of noticiable color but they themselves pass as european white.
3. A person whos background proves them to be a descentant of people of color.

I am a PfC/ PohC

What does PfC/ PohC mean?
I am a Person from Color / Person Of hidden Color , Just like Pete Wentz, Wentworth Miller , Rebbecca Hall and Mark-Paul Gosselaar and many other celebrities. One of my parents is a noticable person of color, but as for me I look completely European white.

So instead of saying person of color because I don't present nor am I read as a Person of Color I use Person from Color or Person of hidden Color.
by FTMTBEAR January 02, 2017
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