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Ten years ago Princess Peussie created the Academy of Jelqing in Chestnut Hill, PA. Within a week after its opening, it was known as "the house of sin", "the academy of perverts" and run by her secretary, Ms. Mary Mount. Since that time Peussie clubs have been formed throughout the USA, Europe and Japan, notorious for strange rituals, depraved activities and the worship of The Princess and her one gay consort, Jordan Solo Man. Today the clubs are infamous, have gone underground, and thrive in parts of the world. Affiliated with any Peussie Club are the Sarah Palin enema clubs run by Presdient Mojo (originally of the Academy in Chestnut Hill).
"When I realized my husband had been a member of a Peussie Club, I went to the police who just laughed and said that my husband should get a divorce".
Last year around Xmas Time, our local Peussie Club here in Greeley, Colorado had a "Dance Around the Xmas Tree' Party with such highlights as "enema songs", experimental porno films, "Dancing with the Retards", etc. It was closed down by the local sheriff.
Peussie Clubs make Fight Clubs look like kindergarten dildo-tag events!
by RobertJakcson June 30, 2011
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