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(n) the act of smoking the buds of a cannabis plant with your friends until the point of euphoria. This is followed by turning off all the lights and turning on a strobe light in a fairly small sized room. Then, have everyone stand on one side of the room except for one individual. then have one person on the side of the room with the multiple people light a lighter. this subsequently makes the strobe light slow motion effect disappear to the people around the light. however, the person by his/her self is still under the effect of the strobe light. At this point, have one person put the individual in "the box" this is done by making an invisible square around the person's head at which point everyone in the room becomes instantaneously silent and move their lips. (if there is music playing turn that off too.) This makes the person think they are in an invisible sound proof box, however they are also in a strobe light world as well adding an extra dramatic effect since to him he is the only person in the room moving like a stop motion film character because of the strobe light.
We totally put Nick in the Peterson Box last night, and he was freaking out.
by thepaul15 January 19, 2009
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