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A lovely man who stares at young children, hungrily through the binoculars that was given to him by his mother on his second birthday. Likes to wear cap backwards and loves to take showers with young children. Tag words: Hugo, Moe Lester, White Sudan, Binoculars and Spacey
by Spinalapeter December 07, 2017
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Sounds like "pedophile", can be used as an insult towards those who are attracted towards kids in the wrong kind of way. Could also be used by someone who is drugfucked as a name for their offspring.
Is your name Peter File?
by fdhdfhf April 26, 2008
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A person who's name is Peter, and he/she is a petifile

Pronounced: Peh-Ter-File
Mom: I met a great guy last night named Peter! He wants to move quickly! So do I!

Bob: Mom, that guy is probably a Peterfile. He wants in on me. Dump him
by Seamoose26 November 10, 2017
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