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A startling, euphoric, almost-inspiring discovery was made by paleontologists recently. The worlds oldest sexual predator, Pervatasaurus, has been unearthed. A member of the Theropod group, and relative to the T-rex, Pervatasaurus was a scavenger who lured smaller dinosaurs into its cave. Although they are of the same suborder, the Pervatasaurus is small, and much much creepier.

Living with webbed feet and bad posture, Pervatasaurus could not effectively stand up straight which enabled it to avoid making eye contact with other dinosaurs. From an anthropological perspective, such a discovery raises questions about what other timeless predators are out there.

The Pervatasaurus is the first dinosaur know to stalk another animal, not for food, but for sexual satisfaction.
Little Girl: Hey Mom! What's that dynosore?
Mother: Why that's a Pervatasaurus!
Little Girl: Cool! What did he eat?
Mother: Umm, look at that T-rex!
by JakeTB16 June 01, 2009
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