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An act of deception and great tactical nous. The victim, after having been stripped naked and rolled in butter, is stood infront of a very low beam, he then has a pair of very smelly, 3 week unwashed human testicles waved in his face. As said buttered naked victim reverses and bends to navigate under said low beam he unwittingly slots himself onto a ludicrously large freshly lubed dildo that has been stuck to the wall using a medievel glue like concotion of pigs semen and the matted hair from the crotch of a dead rabbit. As the victims buttocks hit the wall either side of the dildo and his eyes bulge wide in fear the perpetrator of this amusing parlour game waves his balls at the victim and shouts "Peruvian Smelly Balls Trick".

Please note due to recent legislation the use of rabbits hair is seen as being rather unsporting and frankly in bad taste.
With fear in his eyes the freshly buttered Steve recoiled away from the stench perpetrating forth from the rancid balls of Ali. As the dildo slipped betwixt his cavernous sphincter his eyes bulged, the corners of his mouth showed a glimpse of a smile and he sighed a deep groan of pleasure before the neanderthal Ali waved his balls dramatically and shreiked "Peruvian Smelly Balls Trick"!!!!!!!!!
by And then came the Flop September 04, 2007
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