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Persian Male Complex occurs in mainly Persian men, though it can be applied to all men of Middle eastern descent, not specifically Persians. Symptoms include a strong need for the submissive maternal-wife figure who will not pursue any meaningful career in order to care for her 9 children, preferably all boys to carry on the strong, dominant paternal genes. PMC creates the need for the man to be the dominant figure in the household and to be the sole breadwinner of the family, in order for him to assert his dominance and feel secure in his own masculinity. PMC does not come in one shape or form and it affects men and boys of all ages. There is the possibility for early on set PMC--there is no cure, however, it can be treated to a manageable state.

How to identify PMC in your friends, relatives, and loved ones:
-Obsessive masculinity
-Misogynistic tendencies
-Calls soccer "football"
-Aggressively witty
-Hair gel
-Mama's boy
-Favorite artist is Kanye West
-Polo shirts & Armani cologne
Dude, his Persian Male Complex is off the charts; Arman has hardcore PMC.
by persianprincess1900 September 08, 2016
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