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A beautiful white girl with brown eyes. She can be nice to her friends but be a bitch to her enemy's. Everyone wants to date her. She has more enemy's then friends. She likes taller older guys. Persaus likes partying and cares what people think about her secretly. Persaus has no ass. She has a lot of friends and trusts a lot of people. But, she doesn't care deeply if someone gets mad at her. She is a funny girl and everyone wants to look like her if they could. Persaus doesn't want anyone to date her unless they are as hot as her. She won't date you unless you are her crush! Persaus stands up for her friends and family.
Who's that? Persaus! I like her bro. She is the girl of my dreams. When I look into her eyes it's like a dream ... too bad she don't like you.
by ThisIsMeRn May 20, 2018
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A young Beautiful girl that everyone loves to be around she is loving,caring,sweet,she can be a bitch sometimes but can also be very nice she is one of the girls that everyone wants to date she loves her friends and treats them like family she has brown eyes and she is very hard working and gets stuff done.
Boy1.hey do you see her. ?

Boy 2. Yeah damn she hot

Boy 3.yeah let’s go up there so I can ask her out

Girl . Man I wish I was a persaus
by Persaus January 10, 2018
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