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A junior high public school in Perry Hall, MD. EVERY kid that goes there think's that he is hardcore and skateboards. Most of them try to get sponsered by some major company. Sadly, most of them suck. They go to Ridge every day and wear LIDS Yankees flat rimmed hats because they are all shite trash-wiggers. They think they are all color because they called they have "girlfriends". Also, sadly, these "girlfriends" are about 10 years old. They take their "bitch" to White Marsh Mall. Or if they got enough allowance, to the Avenue to see Happy Feet then they hang out in Starbucks despite the fact that they hate coffee. They bash on us Catholic School kids and think we're snooty. They're the ones that learned what cunt meant like, yesterday.
Perry Hall Faggot: OMG heyy Lauren lets go to The Avenue on Friday! I got enough allowance to see The Incredibles with some Perry Hall Middle Kids!!!!!!

Perry Hall Faggot/Girl: Sorry, I can't go. It's my older sister's birthday is on Friday. She's turning 12.

Perry Hall Faggot: Awhh fuck! Fine I'm gonna go to Ridge with my "homies". I just learned how to ollie on my Spider-Man board!!! After that we're going to go to LIDS to get some hats that say "The 410" on them!!! Byee

by Bettina Nagasaki February 08, 2008
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