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Also known as the grease stain. Originated when Afro-perm, Afro-shine,Astro-perm, or any hair care product to strengthen the "Jerry Curl." "Perm Juice" is the greasy substance that comes off of the "Jerry Curl," and is mainly found on pillows, couches, backs of chairs, or any headrest. It was a popular trend among the black society in the 1980's and is portayed in Eddie Murphy's movie "Coming to America." You can still see these stains when an older black lady gets off a public mass-transit vehicle.
"Hey man you know when you get up from that seat, you're going to leave a big stain of 'Perm Juice'?"

by Zack Wilke. May 16, 2007
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A substance that makes a recruiter recruit better than a person who is filling a picker packer role. Without a healthy cup of Perm Juice one cannot wheel in the big fishes and build Gnar Rapport
Hector forgot to drink his Perm Juice today and its like 4pm and he has 35 mins of phone time
by Wegeasy November 24, 2008
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